Physical and Electronic Security

Silicon Valley Security Team

They constantly monitor our electronic security system (see below), walk the interior and exterior of our facility, create picture badges for newly authorized people, check authorized individuals into the facility, escort authorized persons to their space and unlock the space for access.

Surveillance Cameras

fixed or pan and tilt cameras to monitor the interior and exterior access points to the building. Multiple monitors display all the cameras at the front guard desk and in the Network Operations Center.

CCURE Security System

The CCURE Security System is utilized to track the whereabouts of individuals, monitor the alarms, motion detectors, badge readers, pin pads and biometric devices. This sophisticated security system provides the ultimate in detecting unauthorized access, intrusions and tracking the whereabouts of all individuals. We know where you are, where you have been and when you were there.

Armor-Plated Riot Glass

The glass near the entrance to the facility is all armor-plated riot glass. It would take an individual with a sledge hammer over 35 minutes to penetrate. The other glass in the facility has a drywall, a steel-mesh security screen and a second drywall immediately inside it.