Data Center Operations

Command Center

From the Command Center certified engineers and technicians monitor and operate the building and entire infrastructure, report problems to customers, and help our customers resolve those problems. The staff has access to the automated building management systems, two network management systems, the leak detection system, the fire detection and suppression systems, the video surveillance system, the CCURE Security System and the proprietary, interactive customer portal. These highly automated systems enable the Command Center Staff to run the Herakles data center with minimum personnel, and obtain consistent accurate results and allows us to respond in a timely fashion in order to achieve superior customer service.

Data Center Automation

Automated Building Management System (ABMS). The ABMS is hard-wired to over 18,000 nodes throughout the facility. A rules-based system, the ABMS is programmed to operate every piece of infrastructure within Herakles. If a CRH unit fails, the ABMS starts the appropriate redundant unit. If the temperature reaches a certain threshold, additional CRH units are activated until the desired temperature range is met. If a generator is not operating properly, the ABMS starts and stabilizes a redundant generator, and switches over the power from the faulty generator, which is then automatically shut down. Using this and other automated systems allows Herakles to efficiently and effectively operate the facility with a small but highly knowledgeable staff.