Data Center Safety Systems

Earthquake Stabilization

The Data Center is located in seismic-neutral Sacramento, California. There have been no recorded earthquakes and there are no known active faults in the Sacramento area. None the less, has been retrofitted with a steel beam “super-support” system, able to withstand a Bay Area Zone 4 sized earthquake.

Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

The Very Early Smoke Detection System (VESDA) is fully deployed at the Data Center. VESDA samples the air at the CRAC return units, under the raised floor and can detect particulates at 5 parts per million. It detects well in advance of an actual fire and will send alarms to our NOC and an outside third party monitor pinpointing the location of the problem.

The data center has a state of the art Fire Suppression System. Our double interlock, pre-action, dry pipe fire suppression system uses water from above and below the raised floor to extinguish fire in 10’ by 10’ grids. The dry pipe system (no water leaks) vacates the air from the pipe and a second valve fills the pipe with water. By using 10’ by 10’ grid areas, the fire can be put out without causing damage to other customers systems.